The message from Isis!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011 23:08
Isis, December 22, 2011 Solstice, a glimpse within the future.

As this date is coming up, we would like you all to prepare to bring in that part of you that is already within the New Earth Reality.

The day when the sun stops and moves back once more to begin a new cycle of rebirthing.

This moment in time is where time stands still and the rift within the energy is the opening into the new earth.

You can move through this and get a glimpse of the future as you have set out your path at this moment allowing you to see what is needed in the year to come.

This glimpse is what you can use to further hone your path onto the date of the ascension of the earth and all upon her.

Bringing in those energies of your future self will bring in more changes into the physical and spiritual reality of yourself, giving you another boost to go deeper within yourself. As by reaching out to the future you bring back with you a further advanced part of yourself.

These are the possibilities of the Solstice as they open up the window into the future.

The rebirthing into your own being.

Take the time to see for yourself, see what the future can bring you and see what the future can hold as you are in the moment of creating the future now.


Through Petra Margolis

December 20, 2011


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