My mission
I visit this earth again to experience love and to communicate through love.
The communication by words sometimes talks about most too much,
but misses what I want to really convey to save it.
And I receive the words and may lose an original meaning by technique.
It is a very difficult tool to manage while being a splendid tool.
I may not talk about love even if I can convey love.
I choose a method to love oneself to convey love.
It is to love God to love oneself and knows that I know that I love everything.
And it is enabled for the first time when I receive “straight fact”.
I must notice unconditional love, this one’s existence itself being love.
And, as for the love, it is infected with thing all to touch.
My mission, it are to lead people to the transformation through an experience of the love.

♥ Joy love peace…♥
✿¸¸.•.♥*¨*✿ Astaraline✿¸¸.•.♥*¨*✿