In response to a wonderful message, I was glad, and am overflowed and impressed. I received this message in the forest of a hometown. It is very energy-rich and nature is rich, a hot spring springs, is here and the high altitude of 2160 m is a wonderful place. A forest, chirping of a bird, the sound of a wind, the sound of water, the morning sun, the setting sun, a blue sky, mountain of unmelted snow — I feel love for all them, can give love, and am full of love and light. And I am felt for all them. To all —
ℒℴѵℯ*¨*•❦ ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱✯*・☪:.。



Greetings, Souls of the Earth, my beloved Lightworkers, and all of Creation!

There is much said about Love. Love is the highest vibration. It makes up everything, it is in everything, it is of everything.

You know this, but have you stopped to observe it in action in your World around you? It is in the beautiful song of the birds in your garden, and in the forest or woods where you walk and enjoy the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth. It is in the delicate petals of the fragrant flowers you so love to enjoy.  It is in the beautiful sunsets all around your World.

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