2 thoughts on “大天使ミカエル by Larry Penigar Jr.

  1. gracesananda says:

    Hi Larry,
    Do you remember me?My name is Julie Groundwater ~ http://bit.ly/dpLp9G
    We were friends for a short time on FB.Your blocked profile is remaining in my list of friends even though we are no longer in each other’s friends list.I think that this may have happened because you blocked me instead of removing me from your friend list.Could you do me a small favour? Please unblock me just for a day or two until I can properly remove you from my list of friends.Your blocked profile is taking up a space that I want to give to a potential new friend.I appreciate your cooperation and Happy Facebooking 🙂

    • Astaraline says:

      Hello.Julie Groundwater☆
      Thank you for comment.
      Approval and an answer are sorry to be late.
      Was I a friend in Facebook with you?
      I do not remember that I blocked you, but feel that I am sorry if so.
      Likewise, I pray so if you can give it to a friend again.
      In addition, would you request it if all right?
      I wait in Facebook.
      In addition, I look forward to a day to be able to be connected.

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