13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT, Kin 140–Yellow Planetary Sun

by Valum Votan: Closer of the Cycle

The whole purpose of the evolution of life on Earth is for just this moment — the Closing of the Cycle …

We all live by a HIGHER SPIRITUAL CALLING. Most of us suffocate that calling by thinking we have to be normal or conform to some ingrained idea of correct social behavior.

Even when we break out of the mold, we bring these self-perceptions with us, thinking that it is our nature, ourselves, our personality, not realizing that these self-perceptions are nothing but burdensome self-images that keep us from exerting to the highest, from being able to hear our SPIRITUAL CALLING.

Often, when we do hear that calling, it is still too much for us. Only the exceptional few can HEAR THE CALLING and take the risk of breaking all the social norms bringing on themselves…

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