“Now – Missions, let’s get right down to Missions: LOVE ALL AND BE ONLY LOVE!!! ・:* ೫̥͙♡*

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about_that_fabled_2012_ascension_3_of_3Finally, here is part 3 of 3. This is from Ashtar, posted 12-23-12. The original article is here, at Ashtar on the Road website. Here’s my resonant highlight from that one.

“So why is it that the Lightworkers are still here and didn’t ascend up into 5D? Because you are needed here! Because you are not done yet, because you have phase two of your contracts. The first one is over. That has been lasting for millenniums. It actually has been lasting since you first came here to Earth and took the veil, and you know the story. We don’t need to repeat all that. There are marvelous, marvelous tomes of information available on the internet for anybody who wants to look at the past and understand how we got to this place. But you already have that understanding, at least enough of it that you only need to…

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