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Gratitude with oceans of love to you.
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H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync

These are today’s global events. Most of them are from wherever you are and yet you will be connected to everyone who is also in meditation or prayer or mindfulness, raising the vibration of the world.

We suggest: use the first half hour of any UTC hour for synchronizing love, light, gratitude, and the second half hour for forgiveness, letting go. They all lead to wordless prayer.
  • ♡ A Transforming Wave of Love & Light to Manifest Heaven on Earth! 🙂
  • 29 Days of Gratitude: Love Lives Here! Starting 3/1/14
  • Gaia is Calling ~ Daily wordless prayer togetherღ Mother Earth❦ and all beings ~ ❦ ~
  • Meditation- for all souls who have passed away
  • Lets send our love & light to Fukushima & Mother Earth for life sake!
  • GLOBAL MEDITATION (&/OR PRAYERS) for world peace, animals & the earth

meditate in sync with the world

You can channel  light, meditate, pray wordlessly…

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