On Bliss~♥

Please be connected with your inner voice. It is [ what you choose and ] at the time of decision! Courage will spring in this message.


Everyone on this Earth is feeling to some extent the Shift that is occurring and it is no small matter, dear ones. For many there is a feeling of anticipation, and for some a slowing down of their energy. For many there is a quickening, or speeding up of energy. Each is feeling the Shift in their own individual way, but be assured it is happening.

Take a moment now to consider your state of mind. What is your overriding thought or feeling? What is ruling your inner state, your inner sense of being? What is your priority at this moment, each Now moment? Break it down to a feeling right now. Is it Joy? Is it Allowance? Is it Surrender? Is it Happiness? Is it Peace? Is it Love? Is it Acceptance? You choose. You choose, and then embrace it totally and fully so there can be no room for anything else.

Moving from these Now Moments to the next is how you are creating your new world. Let nothing interfere with the Bliss you are feeling in this Now Moment. And if you are not feeling it, why not? It is your natural state. Embrace it. Everything else is just like grains of sand being blown about by the wind. Just observe, without attachment, the many thoughts circulating around you that are not of Bliss. Do not let them stick.

Breathe in the Golden Light being offered to you now. Absorb it fully and completely and with abandon, dear ones. Fill yourselves up with it and let go of anything else that is not of that Light. Allow the Light to push out any remaining debris from old patterns, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you or humanity towards the new consciousness of Unity and Love.

You are indeed clearing old wounds and karma from many eons, each and every one of you. Be patient with yourselves and revel in this new lightness you are feeling. Confusion sometimes comes with this new feeling because you have not experienced such a huge shift in such a short amount of time, ever. Time is speeding up, along with the Shift, so float along with it and enjoy the new lightness you are feeling.

Be cautious of any pull towards old ways and patterns of thinking or doing. It is time to be conscious of that and to choose to move away from it. You are indeed such beautiful warriors of Love and Light and Peace taking your rightful place on this New Earth, and Gaia is with you, shrugging her old patterns and negativity right along with you. You are right with her and it is becoming a synergy of energy with all of you and Her. She thanks you and requests your continued support as you and she make your way towards Ascension.

Ascension is happening dear ones; make no mistake about it. You do not have far to go if you keep at this pace. Guard against any feelings of doubt and negativity or fear, which can easily be dissolved if you pay attention to them and choose to let them go.

For now and always, I walk alongside you in this unprecedented journey of Love and Spiritual Evolvement that you find yourselves in. You were all chosen wisely and we applaud your brave, beautiful and persistent spirits.

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

Thank you Yeshua



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Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:

We speak to you today about Bliss. Bliss is your natural state. You go in and out of this state many times in the day. Many things bring you out of it. You are learning to monitor this, and not allow your thoughts to drift into lower vibrations, more and more.

You may not recognize Bliss at times. For it is becoming more and more a part of you in these days of parting 3rd dimensional thought. Breathing in that feeling of Bliss in the moment will help you to sustain it.

The love in your hearts that you are cultivating more and more is expanding your reality of Bliss and Joy, dear ones. When it comes into your heart, revel in it and feel it deeply. Be still and take it in. You can even see it in your minds-eye and feel…

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